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Julia Set Fractal With Pixel Bender

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This project was originally posted on my blog on October 1, 2008.

I spent some time playing with fractals after hearing Keith Peters lecture on chaos theory and reading through his Chaos-101 site. It’s amazing how some ostensibly arbitrary math can spit out psychedelic pictures. Tweak a few values, and you’ll get a whole new landscape.

Here’s a little Julia set renderer written with Pixel Bender. You can zoom, pan around, and tweak the values of the Julia set. It features a simple colorization scheme.

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to get this kernel to run in the Flash Player—the Pixel Bender implementation in the Flash Player is crippled, and doesn’t support for loops! That’s a shame, because most of the cool things that you’d want to do with Pixel Bender would require a for loop. The only hope would be to unroll the loop.

Here’s the source (requires the Pixel Bender Toolkit):